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Roccafarm Sale 2017 | 07. until 12. April

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Roccafarm Sale 2017

Welcome to Rocca Farm Sale

Roccafarm Sale & Eurogenes Symposium 2017

7. April 2017  |

Address: Rue des prés 11 1370 Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne)   |   Belgium


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Roccafarm Holsteins           Rue des prés 11 1370 Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne)   |   Belgium
07 April                                  Open day @ Roccafarm Holsteins and sale barn open to inspect the sale animals
                                               Eurogenes Symposium 2017 - More info
TAG + SALE                          1) 07  April possible to inspect the sale animals. Pictures available on the website.
                                               2) Sale by TAG + system through from 7 until 12 April.
                                               3) Online bidding by higher offer until April the 12th or buy directly for the ‘BUY NOW’ price

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