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Roccafarm Sale & Eurogenes Symposium 2017

7. April 2017  |

Address: Rue des prés 11 1370 Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne)   |   Belgium


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Roccafarm Holsteins           Rue des prés 11 1370 Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne)   |   Belgium
07 April                                  Open day @ Roccafarm Holsteins and sale barn open to inspect the sale animals
                                               Eurogenes Symposium 2017 - More info
TAG + SALE                          1) 07  April possible to inspect the sale animals. Pictures available on the website.
                                               2) Sale by TAG + system through from 7 until 12 April.
                                               3) Online bidding by higher offer until April the 12th or buy directly for the ‘BUY NOW’ price


The online catalogue can be viewed here, click on the page for the orginal / larger view.
Click here for the bid version of the catalogue
Order a printed copy of the catalogue through the contact form in this link.